About Classes and courses

Module I course presents the basic principles of practice.  It involves learning core postures with the appropriate use of the breath.  This beginners course is for six weeks.

Module II course  is for ongoing students and beginners, where we will learn to develop the core postures that we did in module I and  learn new asymmetrical poses.  We will also be exploring twists and  practice seated breathing.

Module III is for those who have a minimum of one year’s experience from a regular group class and who want to explore and stretch their abilities in a more dynamic, or at times, depending upon the practice, a more subtle way.

What wear to yoga class
Wear comfortable, light, stretch clothing.
Try not to eat for two hours before class; a light snack is fine. Bring some water before and after the class time. Please be on time.

In the interests of safety every student must fill out an Enrolment form.